Why is the board not showing up in the Popular feed?

The Popular feed is MAIN's front page. This is where all new and unregistered users of the platform go, and this is where we go when we want to find something new and interesting for ourselves. To keep this feed interesting, we can exclude some boards from it.

Boards can be excluded from the Popular feed for the following reasons.:

  • Boards with poor or no moderation. These are boards with a lot of irrelevant posts that are not removed by the board moderators for a long time.

  • Boards containing low-quality, non-original content. Even if it doesn't violate the rules of the board. Such boards are usually used by unscrupulous users to farm tokens and do not bring value to the community. Exclusion of such boards from the Popular feed will release some of the community tokens and send them to awards to other participants.

  • Boards containing descriptions and content that differ from the language of the main feed. Soon we will try to add more languages ​​so that users from different countries can communicate in their native language, but until then we will hide from the Popular feed boards with content that other users may not understand.

Hiding from the Popular feed will not affect the communities themselves in any way. If you are a member of a community, then you will continue to see its posts both in your Home and Popular feed.

If you are a board administrator and have noticed that your board has disappeared from the Popular feed, then you can apply for re-inclusion of the board into the feed using this form. In the application, indicate what kind of work you did and why you think that your board should be included in the Popular feed.